Welcome to our home

Now at the dawn of its 23rd year, The Oasis HTC is a complete resource centre, providing Skin and Body Care services, as well as skills development options and wellness coaching, all exclusively for women.
Our philosophy...
A sound approach to wellness should focus on ALL of the following lifestyle aspects...
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Relaxation and sleep
  • Habits and activities
  • Time management
The most effective solution is to find balance in all aspects and this is best achieved with appropriate guidance and assistance that is easily accessible, because it allows the best chance of consistency.
While Destination Spas allow for that very special Escape the soul craves for at least once or twice a year, the Home Salon provides easier accessibility within residential areas that allows one to regularly unwind in a warm and familiar environment - a home away from home.
Home Salons typically have a much lower or non-existent staff turnover, so visitors are more likely to enjoy consistency in service quality and a closer rapport with the therapist.