Massage treatments are our best sellers, accounting for over 40% of all our bookings. It's that good! 
Some tips to help you get the most out of your session...
  • a shorter session, taken on a regular basis, is much more effective and less painful than an intense once-off "quick-fix"
  • reserve your appointment on a day and time where nothing urgent awaits you immediately after, your body will thank you for some rest
  • shower hair and body before your visit, to achieve maximum benefit from the oils used
  • make sure your therapist is aware of any allergies, recent injuries and current medical conditions


by far the most popular technique, chosen for its limbering effect, with deep tissue manipulation to help work away those tension knots

not recommended for tender bodies or the faint-hearted!


best known for the use of essential oils, chosen and applied according to your specific needs on the day

techniques may vary from light to deep pressure, with some added swedish technique where necessary

Indian Head Massage

applied whilst you are seated and fully clothed, these vigorous scalp, face, neck and arm stimulations have profound benefits for those with persistent headache, tendency toward migraine, poor memory and concentration issues


unwind like never before!

pressure point stimulation, joint manipulation and assisted yoga positions all come together to give you the most exhilirating de-stress experience ever

this oil-free technique is applied on the floor, over clothing - gym wear or pyjamas recommended!



broad, flowing strokes, reminiscent of the ebb & flow of the oceans...

a deep massage, but without the detailed "finger-tip" manipulation of Swedish technique

excellent for improving circulation and stretching cramped muscles

Reiki & Crystal Therapy

somewhat abstract, this one has to be experienced to be believed...

not quite a massage per se, but a body therapy nonetheless, this experience provides the opportunity for total relaxation, release of pent-up tensions and stress, and rejuvenation of the body's natural energies with the aid of nature's own gems 

Automated Electronic Massage